Well Jonathan, we are finally done. I think it has been about 3 years now that you have been helping me look for a place to put our nest egg of investment.
I know you have taken many trips to many places and taken many photos for me to see. Our being this far away I know has added to your workload and I want you to know how much I appreciate your help.
I am thrilled with our purchase on Finns Bay Road. I think it will serve us well as a long term home and retirement place. The location is unbeatable and the view beyond description. The price was pretty sweet too and I am confident that it was a great investment. I am also really happy with the sale of the cottage on Caribou Lake.
In our line of work we need to think long term and this place offers us everything we were hoping for. As I look back I can only marvel. We have 4 kids, a great home and are debt free on a modest salary and I am only 45 years old!! God does provide for our needs and more. Thanks again for all your help with both the purchase and sale. I know the commission you earned was not high for the amount of work it took. I owe you several breakfasts when we get back! :-)      
- Paul and Michelle
Thank you so much for your call so sorry 😐 we missed

We did arrive home 🏡 safely nice of you to check in

We were very sad to leave our cottage for the last time but very appreciative for all you and your staff did to make the transition so smooth for Nelson myself and our family you were amazing and a true blessing to us we can't thank you enough take good 😊 care and God bless you Anne and Shannon 🙏

Diana and Nelson Taylor

June 3, 2017

I am writing this letter in part to acknowledge the care and concern given to me by Jonathan Stewart who has shown himself to be honest, patient and genuinely wanting to do his best for me, his client, and in part to give you a little insight into my life.

I am a 75 year old woman (a young 75 I might say).  I lost my husband to cancer when we were very young and to supplement my income in the support of our 3 children, I bought houses with minor disrepair, renovated, and resold them.  I have dealt with real estate people, some were not too bad, some were dishonest enough to try to convince me to cover up major defects in an attempt to get me to buy, and some were seemingly disinterested in my needs or wants.  The one thing that annoys me the most is an agent who not only avoids the truth, but will outright lie.  An honest agent is one that not only points out the good things about a piece of property, but also the negative things, as that information is important in the making of a logical decision.  We all want to have a home that makes us feel good and that it's appearance and location fits our emotional needs. But if it meets that criteria, we buy and then discover that the basement leaks, the wiring is unsafe and the pipes are ready to fall apart, then we are in big trouble. Jonathan not only shows due diligence in respect to his obligations as a real estate broker, but also helps with questions and/or concerns that you may have that are not usually a part of his job, and if he is unable to answer your question, he will tell you honestly and work with you to find the answer.

Jonathan is by far the best real estate broker that I have worked with.  His ethics are impeccable.


Diane Candido

Jonathan and Anne, it was a great pleasure working with you.   You don't know how leery and afraid I was before we made contact.  Took me some time before I made the initial phone call to do the listing.  I didn't know what to expect, had never done anything like this before.  You made me feel so at ease at our original meeting and in all the dealings throughout the process.   Both of you were so prompt in answering my questions and helping me along the way.  I felt comfortable calling Anne and not bothering Jonathan with phone calls, I knew you were a special team.

Not only are you very professional in what you do but you both have a feel for people and that is very important.

I will be referring you to anyone that I know, with respect to selling or buying property.   You guys are special

 Thanks again for everything.   Take care and stay well.


Jonathan's Research Knowledge - Patience - Marketing Skills - And Down Right Honesty! What MORE can you ask for! Thanks for being the BEST!!

You REALLY did go over and beyond with all your time on this small sale listing.  I just wished I could have got more money so your commission would be higher! You deserve a BIG thanks for all your time spent.  Investigating the road access issues, etc., showing the property; it is such a remote location. And finding the right buyer who will take care of the property, that means ever so much to me!

I have no hesitation in recommending you highly to anyone needing realtor services.  God bless you and your wife for a wonderful Merry Christmas.  You are such a GREAT guy!  Also, thank you for retrieving the last few items from the item and agreeing to send to me.  I appreciate that.

Happy Holidays and best wishes always,

I really appreciate all the work that you did for us Jonathan in finding the perfect home in Sault Ste. Marie. You went above and beyond our expectations doing your work with me being in different locations. Thanks again for everything.
- Stephane Veilleux

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